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“I couldn’t ask for a better guide on my journey to a whole-hearted life. His capacity for kindness and compassion is boundless.
Matt is a true life saver.”


“Matthew is awesome! He helps me sort truth from fiction in the stories I tell myself about my life. It’s not always comfortable, but his wicked sense of humor and down to earth nature make him fun and easy to work with – even through the rough stuff!”


“Life can be difficult; beautiful but difficult. Having Matt as a Life Coach brings clarity and simplicity to everything.”


“When I get overwhelmed and stuck, Matthew helps me find clarity. I am grateful for his guidance, intuition, and wisdom.”


Matthew John | Services

Matthew John |

1 : 1

1 : 1 Transformational Coaching

Transformational coaching brings life’s possibilities into reach. They are already there: I am simply your mirror, doorway, and guide to reconnecting. You bring your courage, curiosity, and truth-seeking; I’ll bring humor and compassion, intuitive vision, and healing energy work. In a supportive environment, together we will:

  • Release and heal personal narrative that might be holding you back
  • Reset your spiritual and emotional compass
  • Clarify and recognize your larger purpose and calling
  • Chart a clear path toward your dreams and desires
  • Enhance your internal solution-finding skills an insight

Add in a dash of release work, a sprinkling of magic, and a taste for adventure, and we’ll create a recipe for “success coaching”.


Group Services

Imagine attending an athletic event with thousands of people seated in the stands. One side of the arena spontaneously begins the “human wave,” and as the wave undulates you can hear the roar of the crowd. Now imagine yourself in the middle of that wave, feeling the excitement and connection to everyone as it’s your turn to rise up in body and spirit. That’s an example of the beauty and power of group energy.

  • Group Meditation and Teaching — tapping into unseen forces at play and at work so that we each contribute to the other.
  • An Evening with Spirit — intimate circles connecting with Spirit through Matthew John; each person receives an independent reading.


Energy Work

Energy cleaning, shifting, and grounding using a personalized blend of multiple healing
modalities, including:

  • Peruvian-inspired Stone work,
  • Ususi and Karuna Reiki mastery
  • Chakra Clearing and Rebalancing
  • Energetic Toning
  • Healing Touch

Learn how to listen to your body!
Be very good to yourself today.

About | Matthew
John Wagner

About | Matthew
John Wagner

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Matthew John’s | Latest Posts

Self Love

Thoughts of self love:
Self love is not simply given to us, it is rewarded to those who seek. The deeper one dives in to the depths of discovering self love, the greater level of joy they experience. It is expansive in it’s reward.

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Waves Blog Post

aleribem horae contell egili, derurnum fac re publicaes senti stercerfec vehenat pere aci in Etre te adem. Habus, noc res? ipio ut C. Lut L. Vivastu sustre cazsvfdszfvsdfsdfSf aw4edbgesrtse r serfdgsrtxdfge iamsdsdgdsafwasfsafvweadrvfdUs. Les eum volorit quae ex et officimil minimoloris eseque litatqu untiandae volenihicia volut p

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My thoughts, today, about “Self” (in the context of being true to your Self):
Jesus once came to me in meditation and said, “Quit trying to be who you are, and just allow yourself time to become who you are.”

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“Work with me so that I
can show you your own magic.”

-Coach Matthew John

“Find your moral compass and hold tight-
this work and play is all about authenticity.”

-Coach Matthew John

“All you can know for sure is who you are and what your intention is. And that’s a great thing to orient toward.”

-Coach Matthew John

“Self-discovery is about seeing and meeting yourself, and putting your heart energy into those ripples of recognition and awareness.”

-Coach Matthew John

“As internal dualities dissolve,
so do external dualities.”

-Coach Matthew John

“I love helping people. I work with however a spirit shows up. It’s like creating a magical conjuring container of possibility and opportunity—like Spirit lightning in a bottle.”

-Coach Matthew John

“God is the source of all things.
Spirit is the messenger.”

-Coach Matthew John

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