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There are cycles of the human experience that call on us to grow spiritually. During such times we often have more questions than answers. Transformational energy coaching can help you find clarity in your direction, resilience in your spirit, and strength in your purpose.

What is your story? What are your goals? Do you know what you want? What’s your big vision? Why do you want this? What would happen if it didn’t manifest? Are you curious to know where imagination and possibility can lead? Can you commit to embracing possibility? What is Spirit calling you to let go of? What would happen if you did achieve your goals? How will tomorrow be different from today when we work together?

I so enjoy working with people who are ready and willing to effect positive change in their life. The insights you gain from our session will help you shift — not to become something you aren’t, but to become more clearly yourself. That clarity, in turn, informs and influences what you focus on in daily living, and making best choices for your life journey.

Together we will invoke your gifts and your magic, and clear /way anything in your way. We’ll shine a light on what’s possible and what the next steps are for you to be available to that. Calmness and clarity. Self-healing and lightness. Soul movement. Heart opening. Awakening mind and heart. Possibility and opportunity. Tools to transform your life.

How to Prepare for a Transformational Energy Coaching Session:
Contact Matthew John. You’re done.
In person at my Multnomah Village office, or virtually by phone or video conferencing.
Transformational Energy Coaching Sessions 1 Hour
$100.00 per session or 6 weeks at $500.00


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