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We spend so much time connecting with the world through our minds and eyes — from the neck up. Our body, so much denser than our thoughts, often lags behind our break-neck pace of doing; we forget that our physicality too needs nurturing, caring, and inspiration.

What would it feel like to simply get back in your body? To relax, release, and restore as you suspend the usual mental gymnastics and simply Reconnect. With. Beingness. With your body.

Sometimes the bodywork wants to be accompanied by a Shamanic journey. Intuitive listening tells me what is most needed to renew you in body, mind, and spirit.

Mother Earth energy can cleanse and transform it all.

(We are) Spiritual beings in a physical body.

Gentle energetic bodywork will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

How to Prepare for a Energy Work Session:
Contact Matthew John. You’re done.
In person at my Multnomah Village office, or virtually by phone or video conferencing.
$100.00 per session or 6 weeks at $500.00


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Matthew John Wagner

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