My thoughts, today, about “Self” (in the context of being true to your Self):
Jesus once came to me in meditation and said, “Quit trying to be who you are, and just allow yourself time to become who you are.”
This is how I am true to my “Self”. By allowing each moment it’s time and space. To not project Self, in to a time that has not come and may never come. Self can not be projected, it is only in the now. A lot of time in worry and strife, just means that I am not able to be where I am in this moment. Where I am true to my “Self”.
One should be loving, because he is of Love.
One should be kind, because he is of kindness.
One should be compassionate, because he is of compassion…
To be these things in hopes of transformation in the end, is to not be true to Self. It is not honest. It is making a deal, somewhere else.
It is beautiful to have these hopes of greatness, for later, but it is essential to experience your true Self in the now. This is truly the only place Self exists.
So, be true to your Self. Sit quietly with your Self. Feel each moment as it passes through your breath. Know that honoring your greatness now, is what your Self needs. All greatness will come from who you are now, not what you were hoping to be later.
blessings on you.


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Matthew John Wagner


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